Case Studies

10X ROAS for Renovated Theater Venue

The owners of an 80-year-old, completely renovated theater on the East Coast came to us to improve their ticket sales. They had been running “boosts” from their personal accounts for a while with some limited success. Hence, they knew it was time for a coordinated ad campaign to take full advantage of the Facebook Ads Manager. We were able to achieve a remarkable and consistent 10X ROAS (return on ad spend) for them. We were consistently able to get this incredible 10X ROAS over 7 days. This skyrocketed their ROI and showed them the power of an expert digital marketing team .

How did we achieve 10X ROAS so quickly?

We immediately set up a business manager account and ad account. We took the responsibility for ads off their hands, freeing up our cient’s time and applying all our best practices. Our team jumped into creating a campaign with ad sets that made the most of their cost per click. We targeted audiences ready and willing to purchase a well presented offer. Then, we also assured a smooth movement of interested clients to point of purchase. We kept clients interested in and focused on the offer. We developed attention getting ads with the right information for our target audiences. Hence, we maintained an efficient funnel. Subsequently, we were delighted to start getting a high ROAS for the client very quickly. 10X ROAS was an incredible achievement and is evidenced in the screen shot below.

10X ROAS achieved!

An Amazing Offer Put in the Right Hands

Our ads team has a love / hate relationship with this account. We LOVE their events, which feature the best 70s and 80s tribute bands on the East Coast… but we hate that we don’t live close enough to get to go to all the great concerts!

We’ve created a consistent ROAS of nearly 10X for the last 7 days for their remarketing campaign (as of Aug 4, 2022).

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