Case Studies

Four Day Festival Gets Average ROAS of 8

Facebook ad campaigns can hit crazy ROAS numbers if you slice the data thinly enough. The real trick is to sustain a high average ROAS through the life of a campaign. It’s even harder for an event with a year-long promotional time frame. Here’s how we reached an average of 8X ROAS for an entire year.

A large midwest music festival contacted us because they were an established event that was looking to grow. For 8 years, they had promoted their event through word of mouth, radio ads, events and emails, but now it was time to expand.

They reached out to us as event advertising experts since Facebook ads were a new strategy for them. We worked with them for the latter part of their 9th season with good results, but then were able to take all the data and discoveries from our first year working with them to massively grow their results in the second year.

For this client we began with:

  • Audience testing until we found the ideal interests and demographics
  • Multiple iterations of creatives and copy
  • Watching a variety of KPIs but ultimately judging the ad performance based on CPA and ROAS.

Four of our campaigns promoting upcoming price increases have reached ROAS’ of 21.76 to 31.43 while the overall ad account (with 3 weeks left before the event) has produced an overall ROAS of 8.34.

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