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Improved Cost Per Click Saves Client Hefty $29K in 4 Months

Our new client was spending about $140,000 per year advertising his classic tribute concerts across the Mid and Southwest. We got an improved cost per click, saving our client over $29,000 in just four months.

How were we able to get this improved cost per click? 

With small improvements that added up to big savings. 

He was running a lot of ads and a lot of campaigns all on his own in addition to booking groups, scheduling events and working with venues. He was interested in handing off all that advertising work to experts who could free up his time as well as get his ads to be more efficient and effective. 

We saw a couple of major adjustments that on the face of it seem simple, but require frequent review and adjustments to get the maximum results. 

After making those changes, almost instantly, his CPC (cost per click) dropped significantly

Improved cost per click

Before our NM team took over the ad accounts, his CPC was 52 cents. Not terrible, but based on the type of campaigns he was running, we knew we could do better. 

Sure enough, we improved cost per click, getting it down to an average of 46 cents per click for four months!

How did this save him $29,479? 

His ads got 245,657 link clicks during those 4 months. At 57 cents per click, it would have cost him $140,024. Instead, his ad costs were 46 cents per click, for a total of $110,545. 

We saved our client $29,479!

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