Hi there! We are NASHMKTG- digital marketing mavens, advertising gurus, branding + design rockstars, analytics junkies, social media experts, copywriting wizards and so much more.
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the nashville marketing agency story

Let us tell you about our digital marketing agency before we embark on our journey together because it is really important for your success that you know us and trust us.

Nashville Marketing started as the brain child of Kayla Pendleton and Beth Bridges. Kayla and Beth both have extensive backgrounds in events and digital marketing- 45 years worth, between the two! They have planned, executed, and marketed thousands of events over the years. They have been friends since 2010, but joined forces officially in 2018. Since then, the company has grown substantially and we are so excited about what will continue to happen in the future!

We want to help you scale your event business using the strategies we have perfected by planning, executing, and marketing thousands of events.

Over the years, we have had the privilege to spend big budgets and learn and grow in the successes our clients have achieved. We've been able to apply that skill, experience, and knowledge to all of the strategies and services you see here today.

As we have grown, we have hand selected only the best of the best people on our team. Each of our staff members has a unique skill set they bring to the table to make the company a well rounded wealth of knowledge that we bring to our clients.

We Love Our Clients!

We work with clients nationally, so it is a real treat when we get to meet in person! This is Ken and Janelle from Lakes Jam with a few members of our team in downtown Nashville. 

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