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Facebook Ads Are Run Perfectly According to Meta Expert

Meta (Facebook) hires and trains internal experts to learn the Facebook ad system inside and out. They provide direct advice to advertisers to help them got the most out of their accounts. These experts will reach out to the owner of the ad account and offer their time and expertise for free. It is unusual for these experts to find Facebook ads are run perfectly.

The vast majority of our clients pass those expert calls to us so that we can continue to learn from their insider knowledge. But a few months ago, one of our clients decided to take the call himself. Since their job is to critique, one would expect even a well-optimized campaign would have room for improvement.

A Meta representative took a deep dive into the ad work that we had done. After digging into it, the expert told the client that our team’s facebook ads are run perfectly. We did an excellent job managing his ads with a much higher than average ROAS. The expert didn’t have any changes to recommend

E-mail stating our facebook ads are run perfectly

According to to a meta expert, our facebook ads are run perfectly.

Our client wrote:

I took a meeting with Meta (facebook) today. Wanted to learn more about what’s done on the marketing side. I spent about half an hour going over strategies and results. 

He then looked at our account and basically said that we are doing everything correctly in that regards and he can’t help us there.  

[The expert] also brought up audiences and he looked at ours, again he was impressed with the different audiences that have been setup for regional, national and retargeting purposes. 

He told me that 4-6 was considered very good ROAS, we had an average of 9 on all of our ads (this includes the link click/awareness ads where sales aren’t pushed) thus again he praised our marketing team.

Overall, he said he can’t help me much, that our team is doing a very good job. So great job to yall!

Thank you to our client for the kind words and we’re very pleased with the result of the Meta audit.

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