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A 35.1% Decrease in Cost per Acquisition in 7 Days

Nashville Marketing took on the challenge of improving the performance of our client’s Facebook ad campaigns with just 7 days to go for their event. With this extremely limited timeframe, we met the challenge of maximizing results while also not disrupting ad delivery. Every hour counted! We kept the ads flowing. We also achieved a decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) by 35.1%.

Here’s how we got a 35.1% decrease in cost per acquisition.

We focused on a decrease in cost per acquisition rather than other, higher level metrics such as click through rate (CTR). Fortunately, the client had a wide selection of tested creatives.

One of the biggest of many problems with the account management was that there was a great deal of overlap and inefficiency at the campaign AND audience level. We reduced the overlap and fixed a glaring omission in the audiences. We made big changes FAST without interrupting the flow of existing ads that were targeting good audiences.

35.1% Decrease in Cost per Acquisition

In the end, we got a decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) of an incredible 35.1%. This means there was more ad budget available to increase their reach. It provided an improved profit margin for those ticket sales.

We wish we had been called in much sooner, but despite the very compressed timeline, we were able to create a huge, measurable improvement in their key ad metrics in a very short time.

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