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Cost Per Acquisition Reduced by Incredible 72.9%

We know how ridiculous and exaggerated this sounds, but it’s true. We reduced the cost our client’s cost per acquisition (the cost to get a purchase) by 72.9%!

The client’s cost per acquisition reduced by 72.9%.

It was a horrifying moment for our team when we saw that the client’s CPA before they found us was an astonishing, jaw-dropping average of $335.78 per sale! Within days of taking over the ad account, we dropped it significantly. Ultimately, the cost per acquisition reduced to $91.25 per purchase.*

Cost per Acquisition reduced

By the time this client found us, just 16 days before the event, tickets sales were in serious trouble with nearly $65,000 of their planned $80,000 ad spend gone.

Our entire team burst into action. We updated a very dated looking website, created new ads, freshened up the client’s excellent stock of testimonial videos (this was for a TV show fan convention), and moved to triage the ad accounts fast.

Our team immediately noticed that there were 3 campaigns with the same goal and nearly the same audience. We snapped off all but the best performing campaign (one of them was running a $700+ CPA!) and got to work on filling in missing, vital pieces of the ad funnel.

Within a couple of days, the CPA plummeted by nearly a third. During the entire 16 days we had control over the advertising, we got their CPA down to $91.25.

Imagine if the cost to get a sale had been 72.9% less from the beginning. They could have spent SIXTEEN GRAND, not SIXTY GRAND.

Time, in this case, was literally money.

*Facebook generally accounts for 40 – 60% of transactions and as a rule of thumb, we halve the reported CPA, meaning this client got down to about $46 CPA, which is not unreasonable for an event with a $299 General Admission plus multiple upsells. If we had more time, we know that CPA could have come down even more.

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