Case Studies

54% Decrease in CPC in Just 7 Days

With 1 week to go before his event, our client suspected he was overspending on his Google Ads. After review, we agreed. With just 7 days left, we saved our client $0.68 on EVERY SINGLE click. If we had been running ads from the beginning for him, we could have saved him up to $3,400 of his $6,565 total Google Ad Spent.

Here’s how we did it. 

The client had been running their ads since August 28th. We came in on October 20th, just one week before their adult-themed EDM event. The challenge was to make the ads much better in a very short time. We saw that similar campaigns were competing for the same audience, so we improved the campaign structure and reallocated budget. 

In one week, from October 21st to October 28th, we brought the average cost per click down from $1.25 to $0.57. That’s a 54% decrease in the CPC (cost per click) which translates into more people seeing the ads, clicking on the ads and ultimately, buying tickets – for less money. 

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