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Sold Out Plus 23% More!

Our client wanted 2500 tickets sold to call his 2023 event a sold out event. We knew we could improve on his 2022 event sales with great ad strategies. When they started working extremely well, the client increased his goal to 2800 and then to 3000 tickets. We took on the challenge! Ultimately, he sold 3,068 tickets … 22.7% more than his initial “sold out” goal!

Here’s how we did it. 

We audited the performance of his campaign the previous year and saw that the campaign was successful … but costly. The ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) was very low (0.79).

The majority of his campaign spend was on traffic and event response campaigns. These are good for top of funnel, reaching new audiences and getting inexpensive exposure, but the most sales-oriented-goal campaigns were completely missing.

We completely revamped his campaign structure and edited its performance on a regular basis. We reallocated the ad spend in a way that was focused on finding potential buyers, getting them engaged and, then, focusing the ad spend on those who were purchase-oriented.

The result was a massive improvement in their Facebook ROAS to 1.65 (more than double) and a final overall cost per acquisition of $5.76 per ticket sold (this includes their other marketing efforts), in addition to selling 23% more than even his final sold out goal. With an overall ad and marketing spend of $16,700 and an estimated profit of $40 per ticket, our client had an OUTSTANDING overall Return on their Investment of ~$120,000 without overspending on their Facebook ads.

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