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From Struggling to Sold Out Event in 15 Days

A local branch of a well-known educational presentations brand contacted us for help to promote their event a mere 17 days out. They had no digital campaigns running when they came to us and only a few dozen tickets sold. As a further constraint, they had a very small budget. Despite these challenges, 15 days after they put Nashville Marketing to work on their campaign, they had a sold out event with $473 and a few days to spare!

Graph of Ticket Sales to an Educational Conference for Women Showing Sold Out Event

With a tight timeline and budget, our team focused on the positive advantages of a client with a well-known brand. Fortunately, they had a list of people who had purchased tickets to their previous events. 

The client signed on Monday, October 16th and we began running ads on the 17th. By October 31st, the client asked us to stop running ads because the event was sold out. With their $3,000 budget, they had $473 remaining. Therefore, we got them a sold out event with 16% of their budget left. 100% sold out with only 84% of the budget spent!

Here’s How We Got a Sold Out Event

Our team worked with our client’s assets – the well-primed audience, high ticket value, brand name recognition, and e-mail list. We also broke with conventional wisdom to set up a different campaign structure than usual. We knew it would work within the special circumstances.

Within the first two days, we were producing a satisfying return on ad spend of 5X with a cost per result of under $9! So, we rolled with it and adjusted the budget daily in the most efficient way possible.

Our final metrics included a $15.82 cost per result and a return on ad spend of 3.76 with only $2,341 spent on ads.

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Cost per and ROAS For Event

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