How to Triple Your Event Results Next Year

Here is some helpful advice on how to go about your event this year to triple the size of your event next year. 

1. Interviewing people on video at your event

If you interview people live on video at your event, this gives you great content to use for future event advertising.  It gives you feedback on how to improve in many areas. Check out our event survey that you can use as a starting point to come up with the right kinds of questions to ask your attendees.

2. Hire a videographer to record the event, especially if they offer drone footage!

This is crucial for your digital marketing efforts as the quality of the creative in the ads will dictate your costs. The ad platforms will choose your content over showing a competitors ad if the quality is higher.

3. Do a thorough analysis of the event talent that you are hiring vs. the money you are charging for tickets vs. the capacity of the venue. 

If you don’t get this delicate balance figured out up front, your profit will be ZERO.

4. Do pre/post event parties to gather emails and gain connections/ spread the word about this event and future events.

Do a giveaway for tickets at this event, in exchange for gathering an email. 

In addition to each of these crucial points, here are some of the marketing specific things we would need to begin a relationship and some tips on how to achieve those things! 

1. Social following and good engagement from that following

A good number of followers to start with is 2,500 if you have a very engaged audience, or 5,000 otherwise on each IG and FB     

Here are some great articles that you could look over to get a better understanding of what to do through digital marketing that could really help you grow your following.      

2. We would need a solid list of email addresses, around 1,200 to start

It would also be helpful to have a list of who has bought tickets, so we can retarget that audience!      

Some ideas on how to gather emails:

Giveaways– through social media, or through other local events- like mentioned above.             1b.

A pop up on your website -People would enter their email address in exchange for something of value to them- besides your current ticket sales, of course!

Abandoned cart sequence– Make sure this is set up in your ticketing platform, in case they do not complete their purchase

3. A good understanding of your audience

We need this so we can target ads correctly. We typically need the top 3 demographics that you work with narrowed down.  We look for these top things for each demographic: 

  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Marital Status:
  • Family:
  • Geographic Location:
  • Household Income:
  • Interests:
  • People they aspire to be:
  • Picture of them:

We hope you found this information helpful- and we look forward to working with you in the future! 

– The Nashville Marketing Team

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