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How to Get Live Video Testimonials at Your Event

If you want to make your events grow, you need video testimonials! Here is how we suggest our clients go about this, so they can get some great content to use for future advertising and promotions.

This process is super simple- you simply ask them 10 questions. It should take no more than 5 minutes per person. Give attendees some free food/drink tickets or some other “freebie” in exchange for their time, and you will have people lining up to give you testimonials!

When: During the intermission of your show

Who: 2 staff members and a production crew

What is needed:

  • The following survey questions that can be easily read from a tablet
  • A charismatic, extraverted type of personality to be the one interviewing folks
  • One support staff member- mostly that can carry stuff so things aren’t in the shot, and because unexpected things always come up
  • Videography staff
    • High quality camera
    • Audio -2 lapel mics
    • Lighting- depends on environment. Let the videographer know ahead of time where you will be recording and the time of day so they know what to bring.

CRUCIAL TIP: Before beginning, have the attendee state their name and what city/ state they are from. Have them spell out their name fully into the mic. This way, you can list this information on the video later.

Here are the 10 easy questions to ask in the interview:

1. What is it like coming to EVENT NAME?

2. What can you say about the venue?

3. Tell us about the performances.

4. What was your favorite part about EVENT NAME?

5. Tell us something about the event that you weren’t expecting before you got here.

6. What made you come to EVENT NAME?

7. Who did you come with to the event?

8. How far did you travel to come to the event?

9. Did you buy any:
● Merchandise (t-shirts, etc)
● Food
● Non-alcoholic drinks
● Alcoholic drinks

10. What do you think we can do better next year?

Afterwards, ask them if there is anything else they want to add?

It is that simple! Once you have this recorded, give them their “freebie” and thank them for their time. Now it is up to your videographer to give you some awesome edited content you can use for future shows!


-The Nashville Marketing Team

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