Case Studies

Increase ROAS by 300% for a Festival

We began working with a client who had multiple events and festivals. They brought us on board to help them manage multiple accounts and to bring the latest event advertising strategies and best practices to their events.

We saw that they had a preference for traffic and event response campaigns but we knew that event promoters who have a short promotional window need to focus on the highest intent purchasers which means conversion and conversion retargeting campaigns.

One of the early events we worked on with them was a Havana-themed event with food, drinks and dancing. It looked like a lot of fun.

After analyzing their existing campaigns, we began running a conversion retargeting campaign in parallel with the client event response and traffic retargeting campaigns with the goal of showing them how it would outperforming their current approach.

We optimized the ad copy and creatives and watched to see which campaigns produced the higher return.

After just a short time, our conversion retargeting was double the ROAS, then doubled again. The client agreed that the last advertising push for the event would go 100% to the retargeting campaign. At the end, hit a ROAS of 8.02, nearly 4X the initial event response campaign.

The last day of the campaign
Client conversion campaign - event advertising campaign.
The campaign in progress. Campaigns beginning with KPM were created by Nashville Marketing.

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